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India 2003 News and Information

When the team goes to India this page will hold the latest news, prayers requests and pictures sent from the team by email. We run an email list that will advise you of when the site is updated so you can come and read the most recent information. Subscribe to the email list.

Please check every day to see what is happening but also remember to check back for the last few days, as the information we receive from India may arrive a few days after events have taken place.

Keep track of the events happening in India with this day by day programme.

Saturday 5th July ~ updated 8th July
Sunday 6th July ~ updated 8th July
Monday 7th July ~ updated 8th July
Tuesday 8th July ~ updated 14th July
Wednesday 9th July ~ updated 8th July
Thursday 10th July ~ updated 14th July
Friday 11th July ~ updated 14th July
Saturday 12 July ~ updated 14th July
Sunday 13th July ~ updated 14th July

Monday 14th July ~ updated 14th July
Tuesday 15th July ~ updated 16th July
Wednesday 16th July ~ updated 17th July
Thursday 17th July ~ updated 20th July
Friday 18th July ~ updated 20th July
Saturday 19th July ~ updated 14th July
Sunday 20th July ~ updated 20th July
Monday 21st July ~ updated 20th July
Tuesday 22nd July ~ updated 14th July

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