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Together for God: India
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Prayer Page

Prayers leading up to the mission in India

1] Please pray for the organisation in India, including Pastors conferences, the ladies day, gospel meetings, accommodation for the team etc.

2] Please pray for the organisation in England, including getting the right team together, the training days, each member of the team as they prepare what they should preach or share, organisation such as flights and other travel.

3] Please pray for the fundraising activities such as curry evenings, concerts, the worship CD and sponsored events.

Prayers for the Mission Team when in India:

1] Please pray for protection for the team against illness.

2] Please pray for protection for the team while travelling to, from and around India.

3] Please pray for the families of the team who are remaining at home.

Prayers for the Conferences and meetings in India

1] Please pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare peoples hearts in the venues that the team will share at, and that many people will be become Christians.

2] Please pray that Indian Pastors will be blessed through the conferences.

3] Please pray for the manifest presence of Jesus to be revealed at each meeting

4] Please pray that the team would be used in the ministration of spiritual gifts.