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Welcome to the section on Together for God, where you will find relevant information about Missions to India.

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Together for God: India
God's investment in our future

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Fundraising & Projects

Why fundraise?

The purpose of fundraising is to supplement the cost of Together for God Pastors' Conferences and to support projects in India. The teams visiting India each year will identify specific projects

Ideas so far ...

A worship CD
A group of musicians from local churches got together to produce a CD for India 2000. A few CDs are still available at £9.95; all profits go to Together for God. The CD is called "God's Perfect Love" and you can contact us for more information.

Worship Concerts
The same group of musicians plus others will be performing at venues around the East Anglian area in co-ordination with local churches - perhaps your church would like to put on a concert!

Curry Evenings
Fun social evenings that can be arranged by local churches to raise the profile, and hopefully some money, for Together for God.

Sponsored Events
Some sponsored events that have already taken place are a sponsored car wash, sponsored diets and children being sponsored for going without sweets!

Your ideas wanted!

All ideas for fundraising should be given to Pastor Roger Pawsey on 01362 820831 or email: Your event must have approval before Together for God name can be used.