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Together for God: India
God's investment in our future

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About Together for God

Who we are

The Together for God Core Team is made up of ordinary Christians.

Our history

Pastor Roger Pawsey called an initial meeting on the basis of a vision he had in Bangalore when involved in a mission organised by Mac Hoare of Kings Lynn Baptist Church. The vision was that

"God was crying over Bangalore, that he wanted to see unity and trust between the churches of Bangalore and then Bangalore wouldn't receive the teardrops of mercy but the flood of revival."

Together for God was birthed in one of the first meetings we held, which was attended by Pastor Francis Jackson from Bangalore, who fully supports the venture and agreed to organise details in India. The fact that Pastor Jackson happened to be in the country at the time and was able to attend the meeting indicated to us all that this was a God appointment, especially as he is from the very city Roger had seen in his vision!

Our Vision

Mission Statement:

It is the aim of Together for God that mutually beneficial relationships be fostered between local churches in India and England.

This will include the encouragement and strengthening of the churches in India primarily by means of Pastors conferences, and also a Ladies day. People from local churches in England will be enabled and encouraged to go to India to give in this way and thus receive blessings that they will be able to bring back and input into their local churches.

It is envisioned that the venture will involve evangelism, taking the 'Women for the Kingdom' aims and objectives to women in India, supporting local projects be they new or existing. It is also intended that the local churches in England will make use of fundraising activities in the time between visits to support projects year by year.

What is happening?

Each year a team from England will visit Southern India in the city of Bangalore to hold a mission. The city is a large, busy, well-developed and well populated city approximately 200 miles west of Madras. The host of the visit will be Pastor Jackson who oversees a large church with several branch churches. (See Location for more information on Bangalore.) During the time of the mission the Together for God team will speak at Pastors conferences, Ladies days and gospel meetings all of which are organised by Pastor Jackson and his church.

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How can I help?

You can get involved by helping to raise funds for specific projects in India. Or you can apply to be a part of the mission team for next year. For more information on how to become involved contact Together for God. However, the most important way you can help is to support us in prayer.