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Together for God: India
God's investment in our future

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The Teams

Together for God believes and works in the principles of Team. There are several teams that have great importance for the trips to India

The Mission Team

The teams that visit India each year are made up of ordinary Christians from a variety of churches who apply to part of what is happening through Together for God. Each person applying must be a Christian and fulfill certain criteria to be accepted on the team, Together for God sees this as important because whilst in India individuals will be ambassadors for Together for God. As such this policy not only safeguards those people in India attending the conferences and churches but will produce a team who are stronger, united in fundamental Christian beliefs and attitudes. People applying must also agree to attend training days to help them prepare for serving in India.

If you are interested in applying to part of a Together for God team please contact us.

To see profiles and pictures of the teams who visit India please look at the information provided for each year's mission:


Indian Core Team

Together for God only works because teams of people in India and England see the benefit of working together for God's glory and recognising how much we can learn from each other. The Indian team is headed up by Pastor Francis Jackson from Bangalore in Southern India. Pastor Jackson has served as a pastor for thirty years; he oversees a large church and several branch churches. He works with Overseas Relief Agency (ORA) in Germany to provide many social programs for different needy groups of people in South India. Projects run include an orphanage, church school and providing food for those suffering with leprosy.

English Core Team

Together for God also has a core team in England made up of Christians from a variety of churches. This team is responsible for organising the trips to India from the English side, liaising with the Indian team, maintaining this website, promoting Together for God in England, fundraising for projects in India. If you have any questions about Together for God please contact usand we will address them as soon as we can.