Watton on the Web is a Christian Resource Centre,

that aims to make available quality information for the wider Christian Community

Watton on the Web

Watton on the Web seeks to encourage other charities and Christian groups to embrace the Internet as a viable means of communication.

Watton on the Web is a non-denominational centre designed to give and receive information and is a non-profit making organisation that is part of River Ministries (Norfolk).

To find your way around the site please use the site map, this can be found by following the link from the bottom of the navigation column on the right hand side of the page. A search feature is also included to aid navigation

So What is This About?

The vision is for a comprehensive, non-denominational Christian resource centre on the web. The centre would make available Christian material for people to view and download free; it would also be a means for people to submit material for distribution.

The material can cover many different areas as we put no restriction on the different aspects of life that involves Christians and Christian thought.

We believe that the vision of Watton on the Web is only limited by our imagination and are open to new things that have not yet been revealed.


River Ministries (Norfolk) is looking for partners to accomplish the vision God has given us in Watton on the Web. We have many exciting projects that are too much for us to attempt by ourselves and neither do we necessarily have the expertise in the particular field that the project depends.

We want to distribute quality information and material on the Internet. You may have the material but not the technical know how, or you may have the technical know how but not the material.

We want to create partnerships that will bring individuals, groups and organisations together, and thereby fulfill the vision. With full accreditation going to each partner for their work.