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The History of River Ministries (Norfolk)

River Ministries (Norfolk) started 1st January 2000. A new church for a new millenium. There were two Assemblies of God churches in Watton, They worked together and the two leaderships were friends. Late 1999 Chris the Pastor of Watton AOG suggested that the two churches join together. After several meetings it was agreed that the two churches would become one. As the leaders prayed for God's guidance, someone prophecised about two stream joininh together and becoming one river but that the river was greater than the whole of the two streams.

The histories of the church building , Watton Assemblies of God and Watton Community Church can be found by clicking on the links.

The new church continues to grow from strength to strength as God is pouring out his blessing and in 5 years time it will be interesting to look back and write a history called the first five years together.

History of Watton Assemblies of God

History of Watton Community Church

History of our church building in Watton

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