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The History of River Ministries (Norfolk)

About the history of Watton Community church

Watton Community Church held its first service in Watton as Watton Christian Fellowship in May 1991; these were special times, the service being at 7pm and of a typical outreach nature, and God spoke mightily to many who attended.

The services were as a result of a prophetic word spoken by Paul Randerson, the pastor of Breckland Christian Fellowship, and under his direction. It was February 1992 that Watton Christian Fellowship was planted out as a separate entity and the services changed to 3pm in the afternoon. The church was established with 8 members and rapidly grew as we saw many come to a new faith in Jesus Christ.

In fact, in co-operation with pastor Chris Pye of Watton Assemblies of God, the two churches baptised 15 people at one service. This is thought to be the first baptism by immersion to have taken place in Watton, and I am pleased to say that many have taken place since.

Then in December 1992 Breckland Christian Fellowship released the church to become completely independent, and the name was changed to Watton Community Church with the logo "God's Family in Action". This again was an exciting time when it was easy to see that the gracious hand of God was upon the church and we still marvel at his wonderful provision. In 1993 there was a welcoming service held at Wayland High School, where 19 different churches and Christian organisations gave the church a welcome to the town and commended the church to the town of Watton. These organisations represented all shades of denominational thought, and the church became established.

It was at this stage though the invitation of pastor Chris Pye that the church joined the Fellowship of Assemblies of God, part of the world's second largest Christian movement. In 1996 pastor Roger Pawsey was inducted as a full status minister, with world-wide recognition, at an ordination service during Britain's first joint Pentecostal churches conference. We now look forward to all that God has for us in the future as all the churches unite and work together. It may be unusual but I would like to thank, on behalf of the church, all those who played a part in the development of Watton Community Church

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