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About River Ministries (Norfolk)

Church Based Ministries

At River Ministries (Norfolk) we believe that each person has a ministry and that the work of the church is to develop and release those ministries, so that the Kingdom of God may be blessed, expanded and built up.

Women for the Kingdom

The aim of WOMEN FOR THE KINGDOM is to develop, equip and release women into their ministry. The women meet regularly and arrange Ladies Weekends that are always very popular, with people travelling from as far away as London, the Midlands and Wales to attend.

Together For God

The church works with other churches to send people to India and experience that which God is doing in that nation. We believe it is essential that we work together with churches from different cultures for the sake of the kingdom. This working together brings a mutual benefit to all the local churches involved. For more information see the TOGETHER FOR GOD website.

Surviving Together

The aim of Surviving Together is to help the Christian church community to face, and assess the issue of sexual abuse, and respond thoughtfully, spiritually and intelligently. We hope that "SURVIVING TOGETHER" will enable those working in the field to play a significant part in helping to protect children, to pastor wisely and to provide inspiration and support to survivors of abuse.


Paul Unsworth heads up the worship team of the church; he has a burden for budding songwriters and to see worship leaders equipped and released into their ministry. With this in view he has begun a worship site called "WORSHIP WELL" in the Christian Resource Centre, Watton on the Web. Paul said " I would like other worship leaders to contribute teaching to the site, so that we can pool information for the benefit of the wider church."

Watton on the Web

We as a church are on the Internet because of the vision of Ian and Jo Bruce, and now WATTON ON THE WEB has become an important service that the enables Charities, Churches and Christian Ministries to take advantage of this modern form of communication, the Internet. While providing a Christian Resource Centre with quality information available for free

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