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Frequent Asked Questions

Does RIVER MINISTRIES (NORFOLK) have any connection with `Jehovah`s Witness, Mormons, Spiritualists or other sects?

No! We are a Christian Church, teaching the basic, orthodox truths foundational to biblical Christianity. (See what we believe)


No!, We have been in Watton since 1930 and moved to our current church building in 1977. We are in fellowship with Assemblies of God and enjoy good relationships with, and work alongside other Christian leaders around the town. It is new in the sense that two churches in the town joined together in the year 2000 and the name is new. (see River Ministries history)

Does RIVER MINISTRIES (NORFOLK) cause families to break up?

No! Quite the reverse, we teach young people to be loving and obedient to their parents and we want husbands and wives to enjoy and strengthen their relationships with each other, whether they are part of RIVER MINISTRIES (NORFOLK) or not.

Is RIVER MINISTRIES (NORFOLK) just another bunch of kill-joys`

No! The people who make up RIVER MINISTRIES (NORFOLK) enjoy their sport and leisure pursuits. We have no restrictive lists of do`s and don`ts, but we do take a stand for example, against drug abuse, greediness, illicit sex, cruelty, the occult and other evils which damage society and harm young people in particular. (see Drugs Fact File and Surviving Together)

Are those who join RIVER MINISTRIES (NORFOLK) prevented from leaving?

No! We teach that the faith in Christ is the starting point of Christian life and that this should be followed by baptism. We encourage new believers to become fully committed and involved in the work of RIVER MINISTRIES (NORFOLK), but no-one is coerced to stay if they subsequently desire to leave us. (ask about the Membership Course)

Does RIVER MINISTRIES (NORFOLK) seek to control peoples personal lives?

No! People may come to us for professional counsel, Christian advice and guidance, and our teaching and preaching stresses what the Bible has to say about many practical areas of living. But no, we don't tell people who they must marry, what colour or make of car they should drive or where they must go for a holiday. (ask about the Membership Course)

Are there any secret rites in RIVER MINISTRIES (NORFOLK)?

No! We are a registered Charity and all our meetings and activities are public, anyone can come. There are no secret ceremonies and no information about what we believe is withheld from enquirers. We aim to be honest and truthful in all our affairs. (See what we believe)

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