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The Samuel Joseph Jackson Memorial Mercy Home

The Mercy Orphanage was sited in a suburb of Bangalore when we visited on the 2000 mission. We were aware that the children were subdued, even frightened. When we questioned the managers they told us of an incident that had happened two or three weeks previously. Two cobra snakes had got into one of the children's dormitories and the manager had chased them out. He killed one of the snakes but when the local Hindus found out they attacked the orphanage. The local people worship the snakes and this manager had killed one of their gods. After this incident there was a discussion between Bishop Pastor Francis Jackson and the local people but because of an ongoing danger to the children it was agreed that the orphanage should move.

It was during our visit that the Pastor's son Samuel died and it was thought right that the new home be called "The Samuel Joseph Jackson Memorial Mercy Home". During the mission in 2001 the Orphanage was officially opened and three ministers from the state of Karnataka officiated at the opening.

It's good to see the children so happy and smiling and to know that they are well looked after.

a lovely smile
What a lovely smile!

The Together For God team could see the change in the children; they were now happy and relaxed. Within one year of the problem the children are re-settled and developing in a happy and loving environment. There will always be work to do at the Samuel Joseph Jackson Memorial Mercy Home as the number of orphans needing assistance continues to grow.

During the visit in 2003, five women from the Together for God team spent several days at the orphanage, teaching the children, helping them with their homework and simply enjoying spending time with them.(see photographs under projects)

dormitory block
Second storey being built in dormitory block

During our latest visit in 2004, we noticed that more building work has been done. Construction work on more dormitories has started, as more room is needed for the 120 children being cared for in the orphange as the work continues to grow.

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