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The vision is for a comprehensive, non-denominational Christian resource centre on the web. The centre would make available Christian material for people to view and download free; it would also be a means for people to submit material for distribution.

The material would cover areas such as:
Drama - scripts etc.
Youth - material to help church youth groups
Worship - songs, information, sheet music, etc
Missions - give information
Daily Bible Notes - daily devotions updated weekly or monthly
Testimonies - to encourage the body of Christ
Information - on conferences and bible weeks
Articles - by well known speakers
Social concerns - Information on today's Issues e.g. Drugs, Child Protection, etc.
Bible studies - in depth bible studies on particular subjects
Magazine Articles - magazine articles from Christian magazines
Books - Book lists together with reviews for readers Question forum - for questions to be asked and answered
Links - links to other sites of interest
Shareware - opportunities to obtain free software
Children - like a kids corner Other items
For things that have not yet been revealed

Being displayed in an attractive magazine style format, making information interesting and receivable. We believe that the centre should become an international meeting place for the giving and receiving of ideas, information and material so that the universal church may be strengthened and edified.

We intend to launch with some of these areas and to expand over time. The covering body aims for the integrity of copyright to be respected and for all material to have an integrity that would be pleasing to Christ and that will advance his Kingdom. Our by-words will be:


The covering church is River Ministries (Norfolk), which is a church in fellowship with the Assemblies of God in Great Britain and Ireland, a member of the Evangelical Alliance UK and a registered Charity no. 1054419. The church started in 2000 and God has directed us through several well-known and godly ministries that Watton is to be a resource centre, and that our vision is to be international. We therefore see Watton on the Web being in part the fulfilment of these prophetic words. The church also has a vision for the local area in Norfolk . We hope through the grace and direction of God to see other churches planted across the county of Norfolk.


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