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Partnerships on the Internet to fulfill the vision

River Ministries (Norfolk) is looking for partners to accomplish the vision God has given us in Watton on the Web. We have many exciting projects that are too much for us to attempt by ourselves and neither do we necessarily have the expertise in the particular field that the project depends.

We want to distribute quality information and material on the Internet. You may have the material but not the technical know how, or you may have the technical know how but not the material.

We want to create partnerships that mean that at times will will bring individuals, groups and organisations together, and thereby fulfill the vision. With full accreditation going to each partner for their work.

One project we have in mind, for which we need a partner, is a section with in the resource for Christian Unions in Schools providing: games or quizzes in which schools could compete quality information for young people on hot issues a 'Live chat' meeting room where CU's could meet to chat or debate a means of supporting an orgaisation like "Covenant House Family Units" in their work with street children in Kenya. Thereby giving contact with the local community through fund raising, and links with a different culture, all through the use of modern technology, the Internet.

This is just one of the many projects we would like to see in operation. Maybe you have an idea for a project that you would like to be involved with.

If you are interested please contact us, for your offer of partnership may be just the help your prospective partners are looking for


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