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Watton is small market town in the rural heart of Norfolk with some 7000 inhabitants (including some surrounding villages), and it is the centre of an area known as Wayland. Watton derives its name from the Saxon Wadetuna, homestead of Wade. In the nearby Wayland Wood, legend has it, the 'Babes in the Wood' were abandoned. The town sign shows the two babes, and the hare jumping over the barrel reflects the town name: wat being the local dialect word for hare, and ton for barrel. 

Watton Pentecostal Church is part of River Ministries (Norfolk) and is a young church created from two existing churches that is growing and developing ministries with the aim of blessing the wider community.

As a church we believe that we are to express the love of God to those outside the church in word and deed, while demonstrating the love of God within the church as the family of God.

At Watton Pentecostal Church we desire to be God's family in action. We would like to introduce you to our leadership team and to some of the folk in the church.

Our vision is to see rural communities working together for the furtherance of the gospel. This means that a small village church working with others will gain the benefit of itinerant ministries while being a blessing to other village churches .

Our logo, seen top right-hand corner is unique in that in shows that the church is part of the assemblies of God and that the cross of Jesus Christ is central in all that we do

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Photograph of Watton Pentecostal Church 2001
The church Pictured in 2001

   The logo has three seperate parts:

  • A Circle - The circle represents the never ending love that God has for people, his creation.
  • A Flame - The Flame represents the Holy Spirit, whose presents is necessary in the church for us to fulfill the call of God.
  • The Cross - The cross of Jesus Christ represents the redemptive love and power of God that enables all people everywhere to experience for themselves the wonderful joy and reality of God's salvation.

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