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Brownsville AOG, Pensacola, Florida An excellant site, that keeps you in touch with revival. The photo's hit the target!! Brownsville AoG is experiencing an overwhelming touch from God.

Holy Trinity Brompton, London A well designed site and of course the Alpha home page is worth a visit

Kensington Temple, London A very well designed site, with interesting articles by Colin Dye

Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

Ely Christian Fellowship UK A well planned site at which you should visit the Lighthouse Centre "don't miss it"

Jesus Fellowship, Miama, USA A first class site that offers lots of choice. a visit to the virtual Library is a must

Watton Pentecostal Church A small rural church in Norfolk, England that had the vision for the Watton on the Web Christian Resource Centre. Find out how you can participate in the vision.

Munich International Community Church, Germany Find out what is happening in Germany amongst the English speaking community

Christian Life Centre, Grass Valley, California A well designed site with an encyclopedia of internet links

Cyberchurch Cyberchurch is a spirit filled presence on the Internet. This is a site that will reach out and grab you, it takes a long time to load but is honestly worth the wait

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