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Art of Worship series

Introductions to songs

When playing an introduction to any song, try to avoid playing an opening chord and singing at the same time, apart from anything else, it will confuse your congregation not knowing when to come in, so try to create introductions to each song.

For example, here are the Guitarist chords for the introduction of the song, "Down the mountain the river flows"

C - G - C - G - Am7 - G D G

Be confident in playing the introduction, a confident and well accented introduction will stir up the people, ready to worship.

Introductions should be well rehearsed, so all the musicians know when to come in. Be creative as well with your musicians, on some songs you can build the introduction.

Again for example, "Down the mountain the river flows", you can play the chord sequence three or four times adding a different instrument each time.

1st time …………Guitarist

2nd time………… Guitarist, 2nd Guitarist or Piano

3rd time………… Guitarist, Piano, Drums

There are different combinations you can use, according to what instruments you have available.

When you come to start singing, gave a clear confident lead to the congregation. Ask them to stand if you wish them too when singing the song, or "just ladies" if you want to use just the ladies, or "just instruments". The important thing is that you give clear, confident instructions, so that the congregation know when and where to come in.

Author:Paul Unsworth

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