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Album of the month

"God is Here"

Abundant Life Ministries Worship Team

I have to say that the "God Is Here" album from the Worship Team Of the Abundant Life Ministries is one of the best I have heard in it's class for a long time.

I am not saying that because I am basis towards the Hillsong Style and presentation, far from it. It is the quality of the songs that makes this album speak for itself, and the different arrangements used in each song.

God is Here album cover What makes "God is Here" different is the use of a Prelude which prepares your heart as it launches you into the God is Here song

As you sit back and listen to this album you cannot be help but be inspired and encouraged by such songs as "How Amazing" and "Joined by Angels", and the thought provoking "Voice of Hope".

"My Inspiration" and "Each beat of my Heart" just seem to drive you into the presence of God, and of course the song "More of You" which we all want when we worship the Lord

I have always found that the true worth of a praise and worship song is it's ability to be used in the normal Church service, it is there where the songs will stand the test of time.

Well done Lara and the team, I look forward to the next one

Review by

Paul Unsworth

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