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The ground plan of the Mosaic Tabernacle can be made out with reasonable certainty.

The layout of the Tabernacle

The layout of the tabernacle: showing how it was assembled

The main features are :-


The court was an enclosed space 100 cubits x 50 cubits, the court was enclosed by a white linen sheets that were sewn to make a continuous screen from a side of the doorway all the way round to the other. The height of the curtain was 5 cubits. Now a cubit was a measurement taken from the tip of the middle finger to the point of the elbow, about 18". An Egyptian cubit was about the same while a Royal Egyptian cubit was nearly 21" long. Taking the Hebrew cubit as the one used, this would make the court 150' x 75', and the screen about seven and a half feet high, too high to look over, and with no way through this continuous barrier.

The curtains were called " the hangings of the court " (Ex.38:9). They were hung on silver hooks (v.10), which in turn hung on silver connecting rods called fillets. These fillets connected then 60 posts of bronze that held the curtain upright, these posts had silver tops called capitals (v.19) and each post stood on a socket of Bronze (v.10). The posts were secured by bronze pins (v.19) with cords (35:18). The pins and cords kept the posts rigid. There were 20 posts on the North side, 20 on the South, 10 on the West, and 10 on the East where the entrance gate was situated.

Thoughts for simple sermons :-

1 ) The message given by the linen wall to those outside was one of a barrier, representing God's righteousness or holiness, barring the way to the presence of God. God's righteousness shuts out the sinner (Isa. 59:2). In Numbers 3:10,38 it explains that a stranger who touched or came near the wall must die.

2 ) The message to the insider is that the white wall shuts the man in. He is encompassed by divine righteousness. That which formerly condemned him now preserves him.

3 ) The continuous curtain reinforces the separation of the Things of God, the Worship of God, and the Presence of God from the world that neither accepts him or receives him.