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By Keith W Munday

What is Pornography?

"Books, magazines and films etc. dealing with or depicting sexual acts in an explicit way in order to arouse excitement. The describing or portraying of prostitutes and prostitution". The word pornography is from the Greek for prostitute, porne from pernemi - 'to sell'.

There has been a mounting evidence from teachers, social workers, probation officers, doctors, paediatricians, psychologists, police and the prison service that there is a link between scenes of violence depicted on TV, Video and Films, and human behaviour.

A survey carried out by Opinion Research Business in 1996 showed a contrast with a 1979 Survey. The later survey showed a greater public concern about the effects of pornography. The response indicated that 60% felt that the freedom of expression had gone too far. It is now questioning whether the Media is reflecting cultural and social norms, or whether it is creating them.

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Sex Tourism and Child Abuse
Legisaltion on Obscenity in England & Wales

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