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I was quite shocked when i met Dave, denim jeans, t-shirt and suede shoes. For the first ten minutes, we debated whether he was really a minister because he did not look like one. On seeing his ordination papers he convinced me. I told him a little bit about my past and my drug problems. His reply was quite bold, but honest. He said "Graham, God can help you, but don't mess about with God." So, i was quite impressed by his reply and on agreeing what i would come to church on sunday morning with Lyn, i departed home. This was late on friday night. Inside i really wanted to look into this, because i'd tried a lot of other things to bring happiness into my life. A bit like the song says "i can't get no satisfaction, but i tried and i tried." I'd experimented with nearly all of the illegal street drugs that were available, and nothing ever really met the cry deep down inside of me wanting to be loved. Don't misunderstand me, the effects of drugs are very strong and you do get a 'high' and get a kick out of taking them, but you do come back down with a bang. Through all of my drug taking i was never really satisfied, so on saturday i decided "i'm going to give this Jesus thing a try." I went out on a bit of a leaving party, my last farewell with my friends and the drug culture i was involved with because tomorrow i'd decided to start a new life. About twelve of us in number hit the town. We all had large amounts of drugs with us ranging from l.s.d., cocaine, speed, cannabis and who knows what else we took that night. We usually shared what we had as a group, so quite a cocktail of drugs was in my system. I still knew what i had in my pockets even after selling quite a bit to customers. I made a conscious decision to take these drugs because i did not want to take any drugs home with me because i was going to start a new life the next day. This was my strange thinking and to this day i don't really know whether what i saw was due to the drugs i had taken or if i was actually seeing what i will now describe.

I was just minding my own business passing drugs to the left and to the right of me and to my friend under the club table. I glanced up quickly to make sure no one was watching us and there he was. About thirty feet away from me, Jesus was standing there surrounded in this bright light, looking very displeased with me. In my hands under the table were large amounts of drugs, and there staring at me with eyes that penetrated deep down into my life was the son of God. I felt so guilty, so convicted. A bit like a little boy discovered doing something wrong. I quickly passed the drugs on to my left and to my right while staring at this vision of Jesus. His facial expressions changed to that of approval and he sort of smiled at me as if to say "well done". I turned to my friend on the right of me to ask him if he could see anything unusual in the club tonight. He replied that he could not, so i turned back ready to point jesus out to him, but he was gone. I stood up on the bench looking for Jesus in the night club, but much to my annoyance, i couldn't find him.

At this point, I decided it was time to go home and saying good-bye to my friends and, leaving them looking a bit confused, i left. As i jumped into a taxi, i was expecting the taxi driver to ask me what my destination was. I was very shocked and even annoyed when he turned around and smiling at me asked me if i believed in Jesus! This question was the first thing out of his mouth. You don't usually get asked questions like "do you believe in Jesus?" From a taxi driver. After quite nicely telling him to shut up and take me home, I started to think about what was happening to me. I thought i was dying again. My brain was racing over the events of the last two nights, talking to Lyn about her helping me, god talking to her and her seeing a vision of dave cave, meeting dave and him saying god can help you, meeting Jesus in a night club and then having one of his taxi drivers pick me up and witnessing to me. All of this was a bit too much for me to take in. I decided to go and see dave and ask him to help me make sense out of all this. It was the only thing i could think of, even though it was 2.30am.

On arriving at Dave's house, I kept a finger on the doorbell until he came down. He was wearing funny pyjamas i must admit. I immediately launched out verbally at him saying "what's going on Dave? I only met you last night, i met Jesus tonight and he sent his taxi driver after me. I don't understand what is happening." What Dave said just melted me. He said "Graham, we were praying for you this morning that God would speak to you and show you that he loves you." I just did not know what to say. I just blurted out "do me a favour Dave, go back to God and pray again and tell him to back off." You see, it was all a bit too much for me. I wasn't really looking for God, he came looking for me. That was my first real encounter with God.



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