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The Memory Debate

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Ritual Satanic Abuse and the role of Evil Spirits

The reality of ritual satanic abuse has not yet been accepted by most professionals and the "existence debate" has stiffled proper discussion of the role of evil spirits in ritual sexual abuse. View the sites listed below before you and decide if ritual sexual abuse exists:

Many professionals prescribe to the idea if it could not happen it did not happen, and on that basis discount memories that are factual but misinterpreted because of the professional's lack of knowledge and experience of such matters.

An example of this would be a thirty year old woman who claims to remember giving birth to a baby, that was subsequently sacrificed during a satanic ritual.
Investigation shows the age of the woman at the time of the incident at about seven years old. Obviously, it is not possible for a seven year old to give birth, therefore it could not have happened and the whole memory must be false. The memory in this case is factual but distorted, the child remembers this "There were all these men wearing masks and they frightened me. I was laying naked on a high hard bed, the men took it in turn to put things between my legs inside my privates. Then there was a lot of blood and one man pulled something out of inside me, it looked alive and they killed it . I can remember the chanting and the smell of the candles as they killed it.
The iterpretation made by the woman and maybe the professional is obvious; however the truth is that the abuse happened but there was no baby. The abusers pulled from within the 7 year old a rabbit or plucked chicken covered in blood and sacrificed that.

The McMartin case documents the need to rethink how we deal with memories. We must not discount the memories of a child because they don't happen to fit our beliefs or what we consider to be possible. McMartin Preschool Revisited by Alex Constantine explores the lengths we go to as a society, so that the facts remain out of the public domain, simply because the possibility of these childhood memories being true is unthinkable.

The role of evil spirits

This is where most empirical evidence becomes almost impossible, confusion is paramount and the abused unbelieved. Many Christians don't understand or believe, the bible and the testimonies of others about evil spirits. How much more difficult for those who have no faith to understand or believe. The Wycliffe Bible Encylopedia states under Demonology:

"Pastors and missionaries testify to demon possession among many peoples of the world today, from primitive heathen tribes with animistic beliefs to highly educated persons from Europe and America. In numerous cases those who commit mass murders and sucide seem to have been impelled by wicked demons. It is urgent that Christian workers take seriously this doctrine and learn to exercise the authority of Christ to set free those who are demon opressed or possessed."
pg 449 Demonology; The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia, 1983 Moody paperback edition

The Children's Bread Ministry was founded in 1980 by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond. The thrust of CBM is Deliverance - setting the captives free from the oppression of evil spirits. For twenty-five years, the Hammonds and their ministry team traveled throughout the USA and abroad, teaching on spiritual warfare and ministering deliverance in churches, camps, and conferences. The Hammonds are widely known for their first book, Pigs in the Parlor: A Practical Guide to Deliverance
The Children's Bread Ministry was founded in 1980 by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond.

What about evil spirits in sexual abuse.
Here we think not somuch of the abuser being possessed by an evil spirit but that an evil spirit is involved in the abuse. There is a well documented history of such spirits and information is given in Confronting Familiar Spirits look particularly at section 10. Incubus and Succubus. An incubus (from the Latin: to lie upon) spirit, is an evil male spirit that lies upon women in their sleep, ostensively to have intercourse with them. The succubus (from the Latin: to lie under) is a female spirit that comes at night to have a sexual relationship with men. Definitions of incubus and succubus are given in Webster's Dictionary.

Imagine the confusion, embarrassment brought by such an experience to an adult, but then think how a child might try to explain or remember the incident. It is therefore vital that we are careful not to impose our thoughts or conclusions on the survivor. What if the survivor remembers things floating around the room, think of poltergeists, don't just reject the memory as unsound. It may be impossible to prove but it may have happened.

The effect of evil spirits in ritual sexual abuse brings confusion and feelings of caution to those offering help, followed by the abadonment of the person. A survivor of ritual sexual abuse may remember things that we cannot readily explain, but this should not cause us to reject either them or their story.

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