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Spirtual Gift's in Worship series

Knowledge or good guess?

1 Corinthians 12 v8 "to another the message of Knowledge by means of the same spirit" The message of Knowledge is one of the most rewarding gift's from the Holy Spirit, but it is also one of the most dangerous to the human mind. There's a statement for you to think about! Unfortunately it's all too true, and in my experience as a Worship Leader and also having been involved in the work of the Holy Spirit for many years, I make no bones for making this statement, I have seen too many mistakes made in the name of this gifting. First let's look at the meaning of this scripture.

So what does the message of Knowledge really mean, does it mean that the Lord gives us insider knowledge on the world stock exchange, or the knowledge of how my computer works when I have done something wrong and I cannot work out how to correct it. Actually I used to think that computers were only good for one thing and that is playing games on them, until Jackie my wife, kind of pointed out that there were far more rewarding things you can do with a computer. The message of knowledge is often referred to as an intellectual gift, where the Lord through the Holy Spirit gives words of knowledge about a specific area in somebody's life that needs to be addressed or prayed over. One commentary describes it as a knowledge of mysteries’ What we see here, is God's grace at work through the anointing of the Holy Spirit whereby he imparts a word or piece of knowledge through an anointed person. And it is in this area where it is most open to abuse, because sometimes we just simply get it wrong! But what is most important is that we are seen to be held accountable before the Lord and the Church leadership. The issue is not whether we get it wrong or not, but whether we have the humility in our hearts to accept that we made a mistake and have the courage to put it right, for it is so easy to say I believe the Lord is saying……..’ when in fact he has not said a word.

The reason that this area can be so dangerous is because it is open to misdirection on the part of the person who is giving the word, which then can have damaging effects on the person who is receiving the word. Words of knowledge must be weighed not only by the person receiving it but also by those involved in leadership. But if everyone is moving in the flow of the Spirit, then if anything is amiss it would normally come to light.

Finally I would like to end on one point, and that is in the area of the nature of the words of knowledge that are brought. A couple of years ago I was involved in a meeting where the visiting speaker, who was well known for his anointing in this area, gave a word of prophecy over someone in the meeting, which was in fact a harsh word. As soon as this word was given my spiritual alarm bells started going, only for the fact that even though the word was spot on, it was shared in a most inappropriate way, and I felt that it should have been said in private. If you move in this area please be aware, that what you share and how you share it is important, and that at all times we should honour the Lord in all we do.

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Author:Paul Unsworth

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