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Spirtual Gift's in Worship series


1 Cor 12:9 "to another faith by the same Spirit,"

Faith is an area in which we all share, because it is one of the foundations of our walk with the Lord, without it we have no focus within our lives, no moral guidelines to follow, no trust in other believers and certainly no belief in self as a human being. So to one degree or another we all have faith, and we started exercising that faith when we took our first steps in our relationship with the Lord Jesus, by believing in him for the forgiveness of our sins and for his redeeming sacrifice on the cross.

But the kind of faith Paul was talking about in 1 Corinthians 12v9 is a far deeper level of faith, which when used brings about great blessing for all concerned. It can turn hopeless situations around, and when the results are shared, God's power and majesty is revealed. We are talking here about the ability to walk in faith, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, whereby someone is enabled to work miracles, or through trust in God they are enabled to cope with a sudden emergency and to walk through the situation totally at peace, knowing that God will supply all there needs.

When my wife, Jackie, and I got engaged at Christmas in 1992, we had planned the wedding for the following July. April came along, and all the plans were going well, everything was more or less in place for the great day, then suddenly we were dropped great bomb shell! I was going to made redundant from my job as a television engineer in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. A few weeks earlier some friends from church felt that one day the Lord would move us to Norfolk were I was brought up as a teenager, not realising that day would be sooner then they thought. On the day before I was told at work that I was to be made redundant, I was visiting Jackie's Church in Whitstable and I had a really powerful encounter with the presence of God and felt the peace of God upon me, not realising at that time how much I was going to need it! Well I moved up to Norfolk to live with my parents at the beginning of May and it was at that time that my family, who are not Christians by the way, decided to hold a council meeting with Jackie and myself and basically wanted us to put our wedding plans on hold. But we both felt it was right to go ahead and that the Lord would provide for our needs, and the Lord did provide in many different ways. A week after the wedding I got a job, which I have been in ever since, and led us to a Church in Watton where we felt God was calling us to be apart of, where I am now the Worship Leader. Six monthís later we bought our first home, and now we have three cats to feed!

God had called us to trust in him, and he gave us the peace to cope with what people would call the most important time of our lives. We had to learn in a real way to have complete faith in the plans that God had for our lives.

The faith that we see here is the kind of faith that looks beyond what our human eyes can see, whether it be in the situations of life that surround us, or when we are called upon to pray, into other people's lives to see Godís dynamic power at work. When you pray for people by the Spirit of Faith, look beyond yourself and see the unfolding purposes of God at work.

Author:Paul Unsworth

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