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Art of Worship series


For some of you when you read this page, you may or may not agree with what I have to say, in a sense that is not the issue because we are all entitled to our own opinions under God. What is important is that you understand where I am coming from.

As a songwriter I like to think that the songs that I have written are inspired by the Lord, so when they are used in worship, they should be played according to the music. I am not saying be rigid and stick to the manuscripts, because you always need to be aware of what the Holy Spirit is seeking to do during a time of worship. But I have to say that in some churches that I have been in, great worship songs have been, how shall I say it, murdered!

They have started to play the songs in the most unusual way, that actually does nothing for the worship or the song. There is nothing wrong in being creative in the way you arrange songs, as long as you donít take anything away from the song, or the way it is written.

Another point concerning this issue is that 99% of the churches will be playing the song according to how it was written. If you are taught, or even teach the melody incorrectly, you are going to find the worship time very interesting indeed. Have you ever been in a service where they have started a song and your really getting into the flow of the worship, when suddenly you find yourself singing a different tune to all the others.

The issue is about being disciplined in your approach to learning and singing new songs!

In these times of the Spirit of God moving, we are seeing what I call a season of new songs that are tied in with what the Lord is doing today, songs like "Down the mountain the river flows", "Days of Heaven", "The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon you". These are great songs for our time, but let us not forget those songs of the past, which is easy to do, because I still feel that the Lord still uses these songs today.

Songs of Praise and Worship are a intricate part of the Christian life. They are a means where by we can express our love and adoration to the Lord, but also they say something about God's power and purposes for our lives.

In the following pages I want to look at the different ways to use songs in worship, how to use chord modulations, bridging between songs or within the same song, the area of singing in tongues. introduction to songs.

Author:Paul Unsworth

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