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Wickford 2005

On 22nd January 2005 96 women gathered at Wickford Christian Centre for a day with the theme 'Are we ready when it really matters?' The majority of the women were from Assemblies of God churches in the Eastern Region, but there were some from other churches.

The day began with a warm welcome from the women of Wickford Christian Centre and refreshments of coffee and cake. The first session began with a wonderful time of worship where we were encouraged to become more free in our praise and worship to the Lord.

Angela Pye then brought the first message from the life of Esther, a remarkable woman who was ready when it really mattered and was used to bring about the salvation of the Jewish nation. Angela asked us three questions: Are you willing to be ready? How can I get ready? and Can I know the right time? Esther knew the right time and responded to Mordecai when he said to her, "And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" Angela challenged us that when such a time as this comes to us, we need to be ready to say yes to the Lord.

We then enjoyed a delicious three-course lunch served by men from the Wickford Christian Centre, which was very much appreciated by everyone.

The second session began with another anointed time of praise and worship where we tangibly felt the presence of the Lord in our midst. Tina Pawsey then brought the second message from the life of Deborah, another woman who was ready when it really mattered and was used dramatically by God to bring about the deliverance of her people. Tina spoke about how we need to receive the word of God, respond to the word of God and how, through our willingness and obedience, we can know the reward of God. Tina enocuraged us that we too, as ordinary women like Deborah, can do extraordinary things for God and take our place in history.

Many women responded for prayer ministry at the close of the session and left having been blessed and well-fed, both naturally and spiritually.

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