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Celebration Service, Toftwood, Dereham

In response to the request from the previous year's Women for the Kingdom Weekend that we should meet together more often, we took another step of faith and arranged an evening Celebration Service at Toftwood Village Hall on Saturday 17th March 2001. Several women who attend the weekends are from Dereham, so we felt that this would be a good venue, and fairly central for others around Norfolk, who also come along.

The meeting was planned as a Celebration Service, and the theme was "Holiness." Tina Pawsey led the meeting, which was well attended by people from all over the County. Mavis Jarvis, the Eastern Regional Director for AoG Women's Ministries, who had been travelling around the region encouraging women in ministry, was also present.

Rachael Adams and team led an awesome time of worship, where people were really aware of the presence of God, and there was the feeling that we were treading on Holy ground. This opened up well for the ministry of the Word of God, by Angela Pye, on the theme of Holiness. Angela encouraged everyone that we need holiness in our Christian lives, for effective worship, witness, walk and works. Tina then led a time of ministry, where the power of God was evidently at work in women's lives.

The evening concluded with fellowship, and the opportunity to chat over a cup of tea or coffee. It was good to meet up again with those from other churches, and renew friendships, as well as welcoming new people to the ministry of Women for the Kingdom. The evening was a success, encouraging women in their relationship with God, and strengthening our ties with others in the body of Christ.

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