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Chris Gittings

I became a Christian in about 1986, I was at a Church of England church in Dagenham at the time.

After one of the services me and this lady called Edner Hare were talking, I cannot remember what we were talking about now. She said: "Would you like to pray to become a Christian?"or words like that. I must have been very suprised about this because I thought I was a Christian! I was brought up in a Christian family, my Dad's a vicar, I even went to Church, but that didn`t make me a Christian. At this I said yes, I must have felt I needed to, looking back. I knew about Jesus I learnt that from going to Sunday School and listening to my dad, but I did not know Him personally, also I must have felt that something was missing.

So, we prayed and I asked Jesus to come into my life.

Jesus can make a difference in your life, God wants to know each of us personally. Jesus died for each person, personally, and loves us so much, that He was willing to die in our place. We have all sinned, and the price for that sin is death (eternal separation from God), but Jesus came and paid for it. In a way it is like an exam. The pass mark is 100%! We failed to hit that mark, but Jesus came and did the exam for us!

Not only did He die for us, He also wants to be friends with us. All we have do is let Him, accept that he died for us, believe in Him, accept Him into our lives, and to say sorry for the things we have done wrong.

O.K. so you think you have done nothing wrong in you life, but think about it. Have you stolen the cookie from the cookie jar when your parents told you not to? Have you told a "white" lie? All these are wrong and are what the Bible calls "sin".

It does not matter to God what you have done wrong. God loves you just the same, and wants to be friends with you. Will you let him into your life?

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