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Firstly, we would like to say that we thank all the people who were praying for us and our trip to the Far East. It was good to know that people were praying for us, and at times we could really sense the prayers of God's people.

The Youth Alive Missions Team

We were privileged during the month of November, 1997 to be able to visit the above countries for twenty one days, and share with the people there about the love of God, along with the rest of the Youth Alive Missions team. There were ten of us in all, from different churches right across the country. Our leader was Sue Stokes, the Youth Pastor at Bolton Pentecostal Church. We worked alongside the missionaries from PAOC.

We spent six days in Hong Kong before we went into China for five days and we spent the rest of our time in Macau.

During our time in Hong Kong, our main emphasis was on schools work. We started in a great way - just two hours after landing we went straight into a school assembly.
We were learning a song travelling on the MTR (underground) on the way there! We were involved in school assemblies, Christian Unions, English classes and a Chinese childrens' club. It was great to see God working, as we saw over one hundred children responding to Jesus.
Isn't God good? On Sunday, the team was able to minister into a Filipino church who really knew how to worship God. That was an awesome time. We saw God's hand in all that we did. On a personal note, it was lovely to be able to meet up with some of the former students of the UEA here in Norwich. Please pray for one of them called Christy. She needs to know the mind of God at this time.

The Childrens Club visited

School Work in Hong Kong

Our main emphasis during the China part of our mission was to bless the missionaries and intercede for their work. We may never see the results of the battles we fought for the workers there, but we are confident that God was tearing strongholds down and establishing His kingdom. The timing of God was amazing. An English translation deadline needed to be reached, and was achieved; plus a shipment of goods for the Orphanage needed to be checked and moved the next day. We were right on cue for both! The Holy Spirit was very evident as we shared times of prayer and fellowship with the local missionaries. God is moving in China in a very powerful way, although the spiritual oppression is tangible, and the land has an air of suspicion.


We arrived in Macau just as eighteen days of crusade were finishing and it was so good to see how God was renewing His people there for greater things in Himself. Our main emphasis here was on Intercession. As we arrived, Hebrews 11:30 was impressed upon us by the Holy Spirit ~ "... by faith the walls of Jericho fell after the people had marched around them for seven days ..." We had seven days of very significant prayer walking plus ministry in the church services. We were praying/interceding into three key areas of spiritual bondage:-

  1. Prostitution - rife in the area.
  2. Gambling - the casino's are a draw for all of Asia.
  3. Idolatry - literally hundreds of shrines, much spiritual darkness.

One of our team was able to share about the love of God inside a temple to a young couple who had never heard of Jesus. He was able to pray with them, right on the Devil's patch!

David Preaching in a Church in Macau

We feel very honoured to have bean able to share in the life of the Christian Church in that part of the world. God spoke and ministered to each of the team throughout the trip as we were stretched and grew in Him. We found that throughout the trip, God used us in our weakness, and only He knows the full impact of what we achieved for and in Him.

We serve a mighty, powerful and great God.

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