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Helpful Hints for Getting Started

Someone once said that we only start when we get started. To get started we have to determine whether or not we believe that God wants to speak to people. This is what Bob Gordon with David Fardouly said in their book "The Foundations of Christian living" (21) :

"It is the Father's purpose that we hear His voice. He has many things to say to us and the more we listen, the more detailed will be what we hear. If our lives are full of ungodly rubbish and other voices are having a hearing in our inner man, then we are unlikely to be able to hear the voice of God with the same clarity as when this is not the case.

When we begin to hear God, He speaks to us about major issues. He speaks to us for salvation. Then we hear the voice of God for big decisions. Usually this is because we know that we cannot face these by ourselves and so we make particular room for God's direction at these times. Eventually we get to a place where we hear from God at all times, so as to live a life like Jesus, who did only what His Father wanted Him to do. "

In this section I want to encourage people in their journey of learning how to hear God and in so doing to discover their gift, then how to develop their gift and finally how to dispense their gift. It is obvious but worth saying that in our Christian lives we are continually on a journey of discovery and there should be a desire within us to keep on learning until the day we finally arrive at our heavenly destination.

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