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A Gift for Today...continued

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit - A Word of Wisdom

'Wisdom' is not simply knowing something; it includes the understanding and skill to take action with respect to the consequences of such action. It may be how to utilise knowledge and may include the understanding of the consequences of the action, or be the revelation of divine purpose and what the response should be to it.

This wisdom is supernatural and the gift of a word of wisdom does not make the person wise except, it could be said, in that specific situation.

The natural definition of wisdom would be "the ability or result of ability to think and act utilizing knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight" (Collins English Dictionary).

W.R. Jones in the book Pentecostal Doctrine in the chapter headed 'The nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit' (6) states:

"Some have suggested that it is a gift of revelation. Of this we can be certain: it is not natural wisdom, not even natural wisdom sanctified and consecrated. It is not a deep, spiritual understanding of the Scriptures, nor is it the ability of a Bible expositor. It is not just God-given wisdom, such as Solomon revealed when dealing with the two women who both declared themselves to be the mother of the one child (see 1 Kings 3: 16-28). An operation of one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit revealed to him the child's mother.

It is a supernatural insight into how God Himself would act. It is a revelation, by the Spirit, of the divine purpose. It is a revelation of the mind and will of God. It can concern individuals or nations, people or places. We must, however, make mention of the fact that it is "the Word of Wisdom", not the whole of God's wisdom, just a part, aptly called "word". It can be conveyed to the Church through one if its Spirit-filled members in a number of ways, such as by a vision, a dream, a prophecy, by tongues and interpretation, or even by Spirit-anointed ministry of the Word."

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