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A Gift for Today...continued

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Working of Miracles

It is important to see that this is not the gift of miracles but rather the working of miracles.

The working of miracles may be defined, therefore, as; "the working of power or inherent ability by the Holy Spirit to bring about an amazing or wondrous event that is supernatural in its origin and character, and could not be produced by natural agents or means".

W.R. Jones in the book Pentecostal Doctrine in the chapter headed 'The nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit' (10) states:

""To another the working of miracles", A miracle sets aside all natural laws. Water turns into wine in the long process of nature, but Jesus is able to suspend the laws of nature, or, if He wishes, He is able to speed them up, so, at the wedding in Cana of Galilee, water became wine in a split second.

There is no other explanation of a miracle apart the sovereign power of the Lord. It was a miracle of intervention that prevented the death of Paul from a serpent's bite (Acts 28) when he shook off the serpent that had gripped his hand."

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