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Transsexualism continued....


There is the psychological syndrome 'Gender Dysphoria', where the person genuinely seems to be confused as to whether they are really male or female. Stress is sometimes responsible for temporary cases of transsexual behaviour for instance.

Furthermore, there are cases where people have been brought up 'misgendered'; these are generally men who were subjected to a dominant mother, dressed in girls' clothes as infants, surrounded by women during their formative years, and only permitted to be involved in traditionally feminine activities. In extreme cases this may have led them to a desire to remove their physical and sexual characteristics. While this attitude is normally the result of psychological damage, the more sympathy is perhaps needed in dealing with this kind of person than with transvestites and sufferers from this syndrome need to be brought back into biblical perspectives gently but firmly. Some teaching on the purposes of God for our lives, His perfect plan and foreknowledge, and His design for family life will help, as will compassionate support and prayer. The medical treatment proposed is generally psychiatric or psychosexual counselling, although there is a growing number of medical practitioners who are concerned that such a treatment process may actually serve to push some sufferers further towards the third category...

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