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Because postmodernism denies all absolutes, those who hold to this philosophy would say that the Christian message is too dogmatic. They would say that it is not possible to state that there is only one way in which a person can be 'saved', as God must be able to be approached in many different ways and through many intermediaries, that is, if He really exists!

It is fine for you as a Christian to say that Jesus is the Saviour, but then why should the Muslim not see Islam as 'the way' to God? For that matter, any religion or no religion, is equally valid for a postmodernist. Because there are no absolutes, it means that behaviour is relative, it would not be correct to lay down rules for conduct and say what is correct and incorrect behaviour or what is sin and what is not. Morality, as the Church views it, is associated with rules and principles and therefore, makes no sense to this school of thought.

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