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It is true that the age of modernism and the scientific method was basically an atheistic age, which did its best to do away with anything which was not based on the scientific method. That included Christianity, and anything which was metaphysical.

Postmodernism shows us that this anti-God philosophy has left mankind with an ache in his heart for something more than the scientific method; science does not have the answers to all of our needs. Science has one way of looking at life and its circumstances, but it is only one way and not the only way.

As Christians we do not believe that it is possible to do away with all the findings of science (we benefit from them every time we go to a hospital, or fly in an aircaft) but we also know that there are some aspects of postmodernism which leave the door open to reality and truth in experience and religion. We state that it is possible, contrary to postmodernism prevarication, to know the truth declared in Scripture; this truth shows us how to experience a correct and vital relationship with the One and only Living God; while we know this, we can be assured that we have eternal life now(6). This knowledge is not just rational 'knowing' it is experiential at the same time.

From the point of view of logic, something cannot be right and wrong at the same time. Either Christianity is true or it is false. It cannot be true and false at the same time because that would mean that the falsehood would cancel out the truth. Either the claims of the Word of God are true or they should rejected completely. Either Christ is the one and only Saviour, as the Word of God maintains, or He is the biggest con-artist that ever set foot on this planet. You cannot have it both ways at once.

If everything is relative then life makes no sense. If you agree with me as an employer that you will work for £350 per week, but at the end of the week I only pay you £200, you would not be very happy, even if I did add that, in my way of thinking, this was the equivalent. Adherence to this kind of reasoning makes as much sense as the overall precepts of postmodernism.

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