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We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the creation of the "A Question of Ethics" Website, especially the writers

Assemblies of God Great Britain and Ireland - a big thiank you for granting permission to use material from the book 'Questions of Ethics: Moral Dilemmas Facing 21st Century Church Leaders'
The Website of the Assemblies of God is well worth a visit.

Keith W Munday is the main author of the website and has been ceaseless in his work for the Kingdom of God inside the Assemblies of God and beyond. Find out more about Keith


Margaret Whitaker wrote the article about Euthanasia and currently works in a residential rehabilitation home for women with serious drug and alcohol problems and their children. Find out more about Margaret


Watton on the Web for taking on the work of creating the website. to find out more about the work Watton on the Web do visit the web site "About Watton on the Web"


River Ministries (Norfolk) for funding and hosting the work. For their commitment to the distribution of quality material free of charge to the wider Christian Community using the Internet as a communication medium.River Ministries (Norfolk)


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