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Street Terms

Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade

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Street Term Definition
Wac PCP on marijuana
Wack PCP
Wacky weed marijuana
Wake ups amphetamine
Wasted under the influence of drugs; murdered
Water methamphetamine; PCP; a mixture of marijuana and other substances within a cigar
Wave crack
Wedding bells LSD
Wedge LSD
Weed marijuana
Weed tea marijuana
Weightless high on crack
West coast methlylphenidate (ritalin)
West coast turnarounds amphetamines
Wet blunts mixed with marijuana and PCP
Wheat marijuana
Wheels amphetamine
When-shee opium
Whiffle dust amphetamine
Whippets nitrous oxide
White amphetamine
White ball crack
White boy heroin
White cloud crack smoke
White cross methamphetamine; amphetamine
White dust LSD
White ghost crack
White girl cocaine; heroin
White-haired lady marijuana
White horizon PCP
White horse cocaine
White junk heroin
White lady cocaine; heroin
White lightning LSD
White mosquito cocaine
White nurse heroin
White Owsley's LSD
White powder cocaine; PCP
White stuff heroin
White sugar crack
White tornado crack
Whiteout isobutyl nitrite
Whites amphetamine
Whiz bang cocaine and heroin
Wicked a potent brand of heroin
Wild cat methcathinone and cocaine
Window glass LSD
Window pane LSD
Wings heroin; cocaine
Winstrol oral steroid
Winstrol V veterinary steroid
Witch heroin; cocaine
Witch hazel heroin
Wobble weed PCP
Wolf PCP
Wollie rocks of crack rolled into a marijuana cigarette
Wonder star methcathinone
Woolah a hollowed out cigar refilled with marijuana and crack
Woolas cigarette laced with cocaine; marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack
Woolies marijuana amd crack or PCP
Wooly blunts Marijuana and crack or PCP
Working selling crack
Working half crack rock weighing half gram or more
Working man's cocaine methamphetamine
Works equipment for injecting drugs
Worm PCP
Wrecking crew crack

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