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Street Terms

Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade

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Street Term Definition
Sack heroin
Sacrament LSD
Sacred mushroom psilocybin
Salt heroin
Salt and pepper marijuana
Sam federal narcotics agent
Sancocho (Spanish) to steal
Sandoz LSD
Sandwich two layers of cocaine with a layer of heroin in the middle
Santa Marta (Spanish) marijuana
Sasfras marijuana
Satan's secret inhalant
Satch papers, letter, cards, clothing, etc., saturated with drug solution (used to smuggle drugs into prisons or hospitals)
Satch cotton fabric used to filter a solution of narcotics before injection
Sativa species of cannabis, found in cool, damp climate, grows up to 18 feet
Scaffle PCP
Scag heroin
Scat heroin
Scate heroin
Schmeck cocaine
Schoolboy cocaine; codeine
Schoolcraft crack
Scissors marijuana
Scooby snacks MDMA
Scoop GHB
Score purchase drugs
Scorpion cocaine
Scott heroin
Scottie cocaine
Scotty cocaine; crack; the high from crack
Scramble crack
Scrape and snort to share crack by scraping off small pieces for snorting
Scratch money
Scruples crack
Scuffle PCP
Seccy depressant
Second to none heroin
Seeds marijuana
Seggy depressant
Sen marijuana
Seni peyote
Serial speedballing sequencing cocaine, cough syrup, and heroin over a 1-2 day period
Sernyl PCP
Serpico 21 cocaine
Server crack dealer
Sess marijuana
Set place where drugs are sold
Sevenup cocaine; crack
Sewer vein into which a drug is injected
Sezz marijuana
Shabu ice
Shake marijuana
Shaker/baker/water materials needed to freebase cocaine; shaker bottle, baking soda, water
Sharps needles
She cocaine
Sheet rocking crack and LSD
Sheets PCP
Shermans PCP
Sherms PCP; crack
Sh*t Heroin
Shmeck/schmeek heroin
Shoot heroin
Shoot/shoot up to inject a drug
Shoot the breeze nitrous oxide
Shooting gallery place where drugs are used
Shot to inject a drug
Shot down under the influence of drugs
Shrooms psilocybin/psilocin
Siddi marijuana
Sightball crack
Silly Putty psilocybin/psilocin
Simple Simon psilocybin/ psilocin
Sinse (Spanish) marijuana
Sinsemilla potent variety marijuana
Sixty-two 2 ½ ounces of poor quality crack
Skee opium
Skeegers/skeezers crack- smoking prostitute
Sketching coming down from a speed induced high
Skid heroin
Skied under the influence of drugs
Skin popping injecting drugs under the skin
Skunk marijuana; heroin
Skuffle PCP
Slab crack
Slam to inject a drug
Slammin'/Slamming amphetamine
Slanging selling drugs
Sleeper heroin; depressant
Sleet crack
Slick superspeed methcathinone
Sleigh ride cocaine
Slime heroin
Smack heroin
Smears LSD
Smoke heroin and crack; crack; marijuana
Smoke a bowl marijuana
Smoke Canada marijuana
Smoke-out under the influence of drugs
Smoking PCP
Smoking gun heroin and cocaine
Snap amphetamine
Snappers isobutyl nitrite
Sniff to inhale cocaine; inhalant; methcathinone
Sniffer bags $5 bag of heroin intended for inhalation
Snop marijuana
Snort to inhale cocaine; use inhalant
Snorts PCP
Snot residue produced from smoking amphetamine
Snot balls rubber cement rolled into balls and burned
Snow cocaine; heroin; amphetamine
Snowball cocaine and heroin
Snow bird cocaine
Snowcones cocaine
Snow pallets amphetamine
Snow seals cocaine and amphetamine
Snow soke crack
Snow white cocaine
Society high cocaine
Soda injectable cocaine used in Hispanic communities
Softballs depressant
Soles hashish
Soma PCP
Sopers depressant
Space base crack dipped in PCP; hollowed out cigar refilled with PCP and crack
Space cadet crack dipped in PCP
Space dust crack dipped in PCP
Space ship glass pipe used to smoke crack
Spaceball PCP used with crack
Spark it up to smoke marijuana
Sparkle plenty amphetamine
Sparklers amphetamine
Special "K" ketamine
Special la coke ketamine
Speed methamphetamine; amphetamine; crack
Speed boat marijuana, PCP, crack
Speed freak habitual user of methamphetamine
Speed for lovers MDMA
Speedball heroin and cocaine; amphetamine; methylphenidate (ritalin) mixed with heroin
Speedballs-nose-style the practice of snorting cocaine
Spider blue heroin
Spike to inject a drug; needle
Spivias amphetamine
Splash amphetamine
Spliff marijuana cigarette
Splim marijuana
Split half and half or to leave
Splivins amphetamine
Spoon 1/16 ounce of heroin; paraphernalia used to prepare heroin for injection
Spores PCP
Sporting to inhale cocaine
Spray inhalant
Sprung person just starting to use drugs
Square mackerel marijuana, term from Florida
Square time Bob crack
Squirrel smoking cocaine, marijuana and PCP; LSD
Stack marijuana
Stacking taking steroids without a prescription
Star methcathinone
Stardust cocaine; PCP
Star-spangled powder cocaine
Stash place to hide drugs
Stash areas drug storage and distribution areas
Stat methcathinone
Steerer person who directs customers to spots for buying crack
Stem cylinder used to smoke crack
Stems marijuana
Step on dilute drugs
Stick marijuana; PCP
Stink weed marijuana
Stoned under the influence of drugs
Stones crack
Stoney weed marijuana
Stoppers depressant
Stove top crystal methamphetamine
Straw marijuana cigarette
Strawberries depressant
Strawberry female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Strawberry fields LSD
Strawberry shortcake amphetamine
Studio fuel cocaine
Strung out heavily addicted to drugs
Stuff heroin
Stumbler depressant
Sugar cocaine; LSD; heroin
Sugar block crack
Sugar cubes LSD
Sugar lumps LSD
Sugar weed marijuana
Sunshine LSD
Super PCP
Super acid ketamine
Super C ketamine
Super Grass PCP
Supergrass marijuana
Super ice smokable methamphetamine
Super joint PCP
Super kools PCP
Super pot marijuana
Super weed PCP
Superman LSD
Surfer PCP
Sweet dreams heroin
Sweet Jesus heroin
Sweet Lucy marijuana
Sweet Morpheus morphine
Sweet stuff heroin; cocaine
Sweets amphetamine
Sweeties amphetamine
Swell up crack
Swishers cigars in which tobacco is replaced with marijuana
Synthetic cocaine PCP
Synthetic THT PCP

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