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Street Terms

Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade

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Street Term Definition
R2 Rohypnol
Racehorse charlie cocaine; heroin
Ragweed inferior quality marijuana; heroin
Railroad weed marijuana
Rainbow LSD
Rainbows depressant
Rainy day woman marijuana
Rambo heroin
Rane cocaine; heroin
Rangood marijuana grown wild
Rap criminally charged; to talk with someone
Raspberry female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Rasta weed marijuana
Raw crack
Raw fusion heroin
Raw hide heroin
Rave party designed to enhance a hallucinogenic experience through music and behavior
Razed under the influence of drugs
Ready rock cocaine; crack; heroin
Recompress change the shape of cocaine flakes to resemble "rock"
Recycle LSD
Red under the influence of drugs
Red and blue depressant
Red bullets depressant
Red bud marijuana
Red caps crack
Red cross marijuana
Red chicken heroin
Red devil depressant; PCP
Red dirt marijuana
Red lips LSD
Reds depressant
Red eagle heroin
Red phosphorus smokable speed
Redneck cocaine methamphetamine
Reefer marijuana
Regular P crack
Reindeer dust heroin
Rest in peace crack cocaine
Reynolds rohypnol
Rhine heroin
Rhythm amphetamine
Rib rohypnol
Riding the wave under the influence of drugs
Rig equipment used to inject drugs
Righteous bush marijuana
Ringer good hit of crack
Rip marijuana
Rippers amphetamine
Roach butt of marijuana cigarette
Roach clip holds partially smoked marijuana cigarette
Roaches rohypnol
Road dope amphetamine
Roapies rohypnol
Roasting smoking marijuana
Robutal rohypnol
Roca (Spanish) crack; MDMA
Rochas dos rohypnol
Roche rohypnol
Rock attack crack
Rock house place where crack is sold and smoked
Rock(s) cocaine; crack
Rocket caps dome-shaped caps on crack vials
Rocket fuel PCP
Rockets marijuana cigarette
Rockette female who uses crack
Rocks of hell crack
Rock star female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Rocky III crack
Roid rage aggressive behavior caused by excessive steroid use
Roller to inject a drug
Rollers police
Rolling MDMA
Roofies rohypnol
Rooster crack
Root marijuana
Rope marijuana; rohypnol
Rophies rohypnol
Rophy rohypnol
Roples rohypnol
Rosa (Spanish) amphetamine
Rose marie marijuana
Roses amphetamine
Rough stuff marijuana
Rox crack
Roxanne cocaine; crack
Row-shay rohypnol
Royal blues LSD
Roz crack
Rubia (Spanish) marijuana
Ruderalis species of cannabis, found in Russia, grows 1 to 2.5'
Ruffies rohypnol
Ruffles rohypnol
Runners people who sell drugs Running MDMA
Rush isobutyl nitrite
Rush snappers isobutyl nitrite
Russian sickles LSD

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