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Street Terms

Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade

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Street Term Definition
O opium
O.J. marijuana
O.P. opium
Octane PCP laced with gasoline
Ogoy heroin
Oil heroin; PCP
Old Steve heroin
On a mission searching for crack
On a trip under the influence of drugs
On ice in jail
On the bricks walking the streets
On the nod under the influence of narcotics or depressant
One and one to inhale cocaine
One on one house where cocaine and heroin can be purchased
One box tissue one ounce of crack
One-fifty-one crack
One plus one sales selling cocaine and heroin together
One way LSD
Oolies marijuana cigarettes laced with crack
Ope opium
Optical illusions LSD
Orange barrels LSD
Orange crystal PCP
Orange cubes LSD
Orange haze LSD
Orange micro LSD
Orange wedges LSD
Oranges amphetamine
Outerlimits crack and LSD
Owsley LSD
Owsley's acid LSD
Oyster stew cocaine
Oz inhalant
Ozone PCP

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