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Street Terms

Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade

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Street Term Definition
J marijuana cigarette
Jab/job to inject a drug
Jack steal someone else's drugs
Jackpot fentanyl
Jack-Up to inject a drug
Jag keep a high going
Jam amphetamine; cocaine
Jam cecil amphetamine
Jamaican gold marijuana
Jane marijuana
Jay smoke marijuana
Jay marijuana cigarette
Jee gee heroin
Jefferson airplane used match cut in half to hold a partially smoked marijuana cigarette
Jellies depressant
Jelly cocaine
Jelly baby amphetamine
Jelly bean amphetamine; depressant
Jelly beans crack
Jet ketamine
Jet fuel PCP
Jim Jones marijuana laced with cocaine and PCP
Jive heroin; marijuana; drugs
Jive doo jee heroin
Jive stick marijuana
Johnson crack
Joint marijuana cigarette
Jojee heroin
Jolly bean amphetamine
Jolly green marijuana
Jolly pop casual user of heroin
Jolt to inject a drug; strong reaction to drugs
Jones heroin
Jonesing need for drugs
Joy flakes heroin
Joy juice depressant
Joy plant opium
Joy pop to inject a drug
Joy popping occasional use of drugs
Joy powder heroin; cocaine
Joy smoke marijuana
Joy stick marijuana cigarette
Ju-ju marijuana cigarette
Juan Valdez (Spanish) marijuana
Juanita (Spanish) marijuana
Juggle sell drugs to another addict to support a habit
Juggler teen-aged street dealer
Jugs amphetamine
Juice steroids; PCP
Juice joint marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack
Juja marijuana
Jum sealed plastic bag containing crack
Jumbos large vials of crack sold on the streets
Junk cocaine; heroin
Junkie addict
Junkie kits glass pipe and copper mesh

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