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Street Terms

Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade

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Street Term Definition
I am back crack
Iboga amphetamine
Ice cocaine; methamphetamine; smokeable methamphetamine; PCP; MDMA
Ice cream habit occasional use of drugs
Ice cube crack
Icing cocaine
Idiot pills depressant
Illies beedies dipped in PCP
Illy momo PCP
In connected with drug suppliers
Inbetweens depressant; amphetamine
Inca message cocaine
Indian boy marijuana
Indian hay marijuana from India
Indian hemp marijuana
Indica species of cannabis, found in hot climate, grows 3.5 to 4 feet
Indo marijuana, term from Northern CA
Indonesian bud marijuana; opium
Instaga marijuana
Instagu marijuana
Instant zen LSD
Interplanetary mission travel from one crackhouse to another in search of crack
Isda heroin
Issues crack

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