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Street Terms

Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade

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Street Term Definition
H heroin
H & C heroin and cocaine
H Caps heroin
Hache heroin
Hail crack
Haircut marijuana
Hairy heroin
Half 1/2 ounce
Half-a-C $50 bill
Half a football field 50 rocks of crack
Half G $500
Half load 15 bags (decks) of heroin
Half moon peyote
Half piece 1/2 ounce of heroin or cocaine
Half track crack
Hamburger helper crack
Hand-to-hand direct delivery and payment
Hand-to-hand man transient dealers who carry small amounts of crack
Hanhich marijuana
Hanyak smokable methamphetamine
Happy cigarette marijuana cigarette
Happy dust cocaine
Happy powder cocaine
Happy Sticks PCP
Happy trails cocaine
Hard candy heroin
Hard line crack
Hard rock crack
Hard stuff opium; heroin
Hardware isobutyl nitrite
Harry heroin
Harsh marijuana
Hats LSD
Has marijuana
Have a dust cocaine
Haven dust cocaine
Hawaiian very high potency marijuana
Hawaiian Black marijuana
Hawaiian sunshine LSD
Hawk LSD
Hay marijuana
Hay butt marijuana cigarette
Haze LSD
Hazel heroin
Head drugs amphetamine
Headlights LSD
Heart-on inhalant
Hearts amphetamine
Heaven & Hell PCP
Heaven dust heroin; cocaine
Heavenly blue LSD
Heeled having plenty of money
Helen heroin
Hell dust heroin
He-man fentanyl
Hemp marijuana
Henpicking searching on hands and knees for crack
Henry heroin
Henry VIII cocaine
Her cocaine
Herb marijuana
Herb and Al marijuana and alcohol
Herba marijuana
Herms PCP
Hero heroin
Hero of the underworld heroin
Heroina (Spanish) heroin
Herone heroin
Hessle heroin
Highbeams the wide eyes of a person on crack
Hikori peyote
Hikuli peyote
Him heroin
Hinkley PCP
Hippie crack inhalant
Hironpon smokable mehamphetamine
Hit crack; marijuana cigarette; to smoke marijuana
Hit house house where users go to shoot up and leave the owner drugs as payment
Hit the hay to smoke marijuana
Hit the main line to inject a drug
Hit the needle to inject a drug
Hit the pit to inject a drug
Hitch up the reindeers to inhale cocaine
Hitter little pipes designed for only one hit
Hitting up injecting drugs
Hocus opium; marijuana
Holding possessing drugs
Hombre (Spanish) heroin
Hombrecitos (Spanish) psilocybin
Homegrown marijuana
Honey currency
Honey blunts marijuana cigars sealed with honey
Honey oil ketamine; inhalant
Honeymoon early stages of drug use before addiction or dependency develops
Hong-yen heroin in pill form
Hooch marijuana
Hooked addicted
Hooter cocaine; marijuana
Hop/hops opium
Hopped up under the influence of drugs
Horn to inhale cocaine; crack pipe
Horning heroin; to inhale cocaine
Horse heroin
Horse heads amphetamine
Horse tracks PCP
Horse tranquilizer PCP
Hospital heroin Diluadid
Hot dope heroin
Hot heroin heroin poisoned to give to a police informant
Hot ice smokable methamphetamine
Hot load/hot shot lethal injection of an opiate
Hot rolling liquefying methamphetamine in an eye dropper and then inhaling it
Hot stick marijuana cigarette
Hotcakes crack
House fee money paid to enter a crackhouse
House piece crack given to the owner of a crackhouse or apartment where crack users congregate
How do you like me now? crack
Hows morphine
HRN heroin
Hubba crack cocaine
Hubba, I am back crack
Hubba pigeon crack user looking for rocks on a floor after a police raid
Hubbas crack
Huff inhalant
Huffer inhalant abuser
Hulling using others to get drugs
Hunter cocaine
Hustle attempt to obtain drug customers
Hyatari peyote
Hydro amphetamine; marijuana
Hype heroin addict; an addict
Hype stick hypodermic needle

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