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Street Terms

Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade

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Street Term Definition
G $1000 or 1 gram of drugs; term for an unfamiliar male
G.B. depressant
GHB gamma hydroxy butyrate
G-rock one gram of rock cocaine
G-shot small dose of drugs used to hold off withdrawal symptoms until full dose can be taken
Gaffel fake cocaine
Gaffus hypodermic needle
Gage/gauge marijuana
Gagers methcathinone
Gaggers methcathinone
Gaggler amphetamine
Galloping horse heroin
Gamot heroin
Gange marijuana
Gangster marijuana; person who uses or manufactures methamphetamine
Gangster pills depressant
Ganja marijuana from Jamaica
Gank fake crack
Garbage inferior quality drugs
Garbage heads users who buy crack from street dealers instead of cooking it themselves
Garbage rock crack
Gash marijuana
Gasper marijuana cigarette
Gasper stick marijuana cigarette
Gato (Spanish) heroin
Gauge butt marijuana
Gee opium
Geek crack and marijuana
Geek joints cigarettes or cigars filled with tobacco and crack
Geekers crack user
Geeze to inhale cocaine
Geezer to inject a drug
Geezin a bit of dee gee injecting a drug
George smack heroin
Georgia home boy GHB
Get a gage up to smoke marijuana
Get a gift obtain drugs
Get down to inject a drug
Get high to smoke marijuana
Get lifted under the influence of drugs
Get off to inject a drug; get "high"
Get off houses private places heroin users can purchase & use heroin for a fee
Get the wind to smoke marijuana
Get through obtain drugs
Getting roached using Rohypnol
Ghana marijuana
Ghost LSD
Ghost busting smoking cocaine; searching for white particles in the belief that they are crack
Gick monster crack smoker
Gift-of-the-sun cocaine
Giggle smoke marijuana
Giggle weed marijuana
Gimmick drug injection equipment
Gimmie crack and marijuana
Gin cocaine
Girl cocaine; crack; heroin
Girlfriend cocaine
Giro house non-bank financial institutions for businesses frequently used by drug traffickers to launder drug proceeds
Give wings inject someone or teach someone to inject heroin
Glacines heroin
Glad stuff cocaine
Glading using inhalant
Glass hypodermic needle; amphetamine
Glass gun hypodermic needle
Glo crack
Gluey person who sniffs glue
Go amphetamines
Go-fast methcathinone; crank
Go into a sewer to inject a drug
Go loco to smoke marijuana
Go on a sleigh ride to inhale cocaine
Goblet of jam marijuana
God's drug morphine
God's flesh psilocybin/psilocin
God's medicine opium
Gold marijuana; crack
Gold dust cocaine
Gold star marijuana
Golden marijuana
Golden dragon LSD
Golden girl heroin
Golden leaf very high quality marijuana
Golf ball crack
Golf balls depressant
Golpe heroin
Goma opium; black tar heroin
Gondola opium
Gong marijuana; opium
Gonj marijuana
Goob methcathinone
Good PCP
Good and plenty heroin
Good butt marijuana cigarette
Good giggles marijuana
Good go proper amount of drugs for the money paid
Good H heroin
Good lick good drugs
Goodfellas fentanyl
Goody-goody marijuana
Goof butt marijuana cigarette
Goofball cocaine and heroin; depressant
Goofers depressant
Goofy's LSD
Goon PCP
Goon dust PCP
Gopher person paid to pickup drugs
Goric opium
Gorilla biscuits PCP
Gorilla pills depressant
Gorilla tab PCP
Got it going on fast sale of drugs
Graduate completely stop using drugs or progress to stronger drugs
Gram hashish
Grape parfait LSD
Grass marijuana
Grass brownies marijuana
Grasshopper marijuana
Grata marijuana
Gravel crack
Gravy to inject a drug; heroin
Grease currency
Great bear fentanyl
Great tobacco opium
Green inferior quality marijuana; PCP; ketamine
Greenies amphetamines
Green buds marijuana
Green double domes LSD
Green dragons depressant
Green frog depressant
Green goddess marijuana
Green gold cocaine
Green goods paper currency
Green leaves PCP
Green single domes LSD
Green tea PCP
Green wedge LSD
Greens/green stuff paper currency
Greeter marijuana
Greta marijuana
Grey shields LSD
Griefo marijuana
Griefs marijuana
Grievous bodily harm GHB
Grifa marijuana
Griff marijuana
Griffa marijuana
Griffo marijuana
Grit crack
Groceries crack
Ground control guide or caretaker during a hallucinogenic experience
Gum opium
Guma opium
Gun to inject a drug; needle
Gunga marijuana
Gungeon marijuana
Gungun marijuana
Gutter vein into which a drug is injected
Gunja marijuana
Gutter junkie addict who relies on others to obtain drugs
Gyve marijuana cigarette

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