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Street Terms

Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade

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Street Term Definition
Earth marijuana cigarette
Easing powder opium
Eastside player crack
Easy score obtaining drugs easily
Eating taking a drug orally
Ecstasy MDMA
Egg crack
Eight ball 1/8 ounce of drugs
Eightball crack and heroin
Eighth heroin
El diablito (Spanish) marijuana, cocaine, heroin and PCP
El diablo (Spanish) marijuana, cocaine and heroin
Electric Kool Aid LSD
Elephant PCP; marijuana
Elephant tranquilizer PCP
Elvis LSD
Embalming fluid PCP
Emergency gun instrument used to inject other than syringe
Emsel morphine
Endo marijuana
Energizer - PCP
Enoltestovis injectable steroid
Ephedrone methcathinone
Equipose veterinary steroid
Erth PCP
Esra marijuana
Essence MDMA
Estuffa heroin
ET alpha-ethyltyptamine
Explorers club group of LSD users
Eye opener crack; amphetamine

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