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Street Terms

Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade

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Street Term Definition
A LSD; amphetamine
Abe $5 worth of drugs
Abe's cabe $5 bill
Abolic veterinary steroid
Acapulco gold marijuana from S.W. Mexico
Acapulco red marijuana
Acapulco gold marijuana
Ace marijuana; PCP
Acid LSD
Acid cube sugar cube containing LSD
Acid freak heavy user of LSD
Acid head LSD user
Acido (Spanish) LSD
Ad drug addict
African black marijuana
African bush marijuana
African woodbine marijuana cigarette
Agonies withdrawal symptoms
Ah-pen-yen opium
Aimies amphetamine; amyl nitrite
AIP heroin from Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan
Air blast inhalant
Air head marijuana user
Airplane marijuana
Alice B. Toklas marijuana brownie
All lit up under the influence of drugs
All star user of multiple drugs
All-American drug cocaine
Alpha-ET alpha-ethyltyptamine
Ames amyl nitrite
Amidone methadone
Amoeba PCP
Amp amphetamine; marijuana dipped in formaldehyde and smoked
Amp joint marijuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic
Amped-out fatigue after using amphetamines
Amping accelerated heartbeat
AMT dimethyltryptamine
Amys amylnitrate
Anadrol oral steroid
Anatrofin injectable steroid
Anavar oral steroid
Angel PCP
Angel dust PCP
Angel hair PCP
Angel mist PCP
Angel poke PCP
Angie cocaine
Angola marijuana
Animal LSD
Animal tranq PCP
Animal tranquilizer PCP
Antifreeze heroin
Apache fentanyl
Apple jacks crack
Aries heroin
Aroma of men isobutyl nitrite
Artillery equipment for injecting drugs
Ashes marijuana
Astro turf marijuana
Atom bomb marijuana and heroin
Atshitshi marijuana
Aunt Hazel heroin
Aunt Mary marijuana
Aunt Nora cocaine
Aunti opium
Aunti Emma opium
Aurora borealis PCP
Author a doctor who writes illegal prescriptions

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